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BAVARIA MATCH PLAY Monthly PINBALL event at Bavarian Inn Lodge fun center
  Frankenmuth MI. 1 friday per month 6:30PM- ? Free to enter *(or see option below), just normal card swipe to play. Match play starts at 6:30-pm so everyone needs be there to start then. if you are going to be late let us know and we shall stall for a few for you :).
- 9 strike progressive format.
- 2, 3 or 4 player groups per round.
Each round.... 1st place in a group gets 0 strikes, 2nd place 1 strike, 3rd place 2 strikes, 4th place 3 strikes. So guaranteed 3 rounds.
We will have Stern Army prizes (back glass translites, flyers, plastics, key chains, etc), Trophies, HOODIES, TOPPERS, GAME CARDS as well as other prizes each month.
We ALWAYS throw in some nice free raffle prizes as well!
* Entry Option- $10 per person side pot if you want to be included in cash payouts. This is totally an option. It's a winner take all scenario. Only people who pay the $10 fee can be included in payouts. The pot is paid out 100% and tournament staff/directors are not included. So technically, you DO NOT have to win 1st place (or even 2nd...yada yada yada) to win the pot. Perhaps the person who won 1st (etc) didn't participate in the side pot, etc. The first person in line of placement who paid the $10 gets the side pot.
All players are eligible for normal prizes (except tourney directors, tourney staff) even if you do not enter the side pot. ALL PLAYERS EARN WPPR IFPA PINBALL RANKING POINTS. WWW.IFPAPINBALL.COM We will pay the $1 ifpa fee per player. no worries.

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